At-home workout

Hello everyone!

How is everything going?

Well I am still trying to get used to this crazy and cold weather while in Brazil all my friends are posting pics at the beach (it is summer time over there)…

But lets talk about what really matters right now… Today’s post is worth writing down or putting on your phone for those days that gym is closed or is too cold or rainy to run outside.



BLOCO 1: Repeat the circuit 2-3 times for 1 mim each exercise.

  • FRONT UNILATERAL JUMPING LUNGES: 30 seconds each leg.
  • PUSH UP + SQUAT: Do a complete push-up, bring your legs to the front and squat without standing up.
  • JUMP SQUATS IN ‘N’ OUT : Squat with your legs closed together, jump to spread out your legs and squat with your legs opened.
  • PUSH-UPS “LEGS APART ‘N’ TOGETHER”: Do a complete push-up with your legs wide apart, then put your feet together and go for a push-up again.

Here is a video pf me doing the Part 1 workout on my Instagram account (@sheinafernandes) TREINO FUNCIONAL – BLOCO 1

BLOCO 2: Same as Part 1. Repeat the circuit 2-3 times for 1 mim each exercise.

  • ALTERNATING JUMP LUNGES: I think it is very self-explanatory.
  • BURPEE: full burped with a jump at the ending positing.
  • RUNNING IN PLACE: “Run” in place as fast as possible bring your knees high.
  • PLANK DOWN UP + PUSH UP: Start at the plank position, put your elbows down, then up and finish with a complete push-up.

** This workout was indicated by the trainer Andressa Moraes from StudioMetaforma (@studiometaforma) from Brazil. Check out their Instagram account for more workouts and exercise ideas. I will love them!

Hope you guys liked! And now NO MORE EXCUSES, right?

Kisses and hugs,

Sheina Fernandes

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