ELEMENTS WATCH COMPANY: Watches with a charity twist

Hello loves! How are you’ll doing?

I just had a blast in the last couple of weeks with my mother-in-law from Brazil, and I’m so THANKFUL she was able to come visit us. Loved being around family again!

On today’s blog post, I will be talking about one of my favorite topics: GIVING BACK! It is nothing related to fitness, however, I’m very excited to share this information with you’ll.  Have you ever heard about Elements Watch? The watches with a charity twist?

Elements Watch Company: watches with a charity twist!

CAUSES: Elements Watch Company is a new watch brand based in the US, donates 10% of its profits to various charity programs across the United States, from education to breast cancer. The company’s mission is “GIVE BACK WITH THE GIFT OF TIME”.Sheina 11– Breast cancer collection:  10% of the pink collection’s sales are donated to breast cancer research.

– Animal cruelty: 10% of the orange collection’s profits are used to help abandoned dogs and cats find safe homes.

– AIDS: 10% of the red LIFE watches’ sales are donated to AIDS research and to support those living with the disease.

– Education: Elements Watches believe that education is the passport to the future. Therefore, 10% of the blue collection’s profits are donated to education programs across the United States.Sheina 02STLYE: Elements watches brings an industrial and clean design to the market. The watch’s black band and black face goes perfectly with almost any outfit or occasion. Can’t go wrong with black, right?Sheina 06

Each collection has a different color accent to distinguish the different causes, making the watches even more stylish.

Sheina 14
I’m wearing the blue education watch.

I’m so happy to be partnering with Elements Watch to spread the word about their mission to GIVE BACK.

So next time you buy a watch, remember my post and HELP someone with “the gift of time”.

I Hope you enjoyed knowing more about Elements Watch just as I did!

See all their watches here.

Pictures credit: McKenzie Rynard (@kenziesheaphotography)


Sheina Fernandes

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