CityShape Fitness: monthly pass to local fitness studios, perks, and lots of fun!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

As most of you know, I’m one of the Brand Ambassador for the local business CityShape Fitness, and I love seeing what it is doing for our community. 

CityShape has given me the opportunity to get know different studios around KC,  to try new workouts (I even did my very first hot yoga class), and most importantly, it allowed me to meet some amazing mind-liked people.

Friends I’ve made through CityShape! Shannon McGinley, CityShape Owner, and Aubrey Howe, also know as @kalekouture.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing my feedback about my favorites workouts, studios, and perks that comes with your membership! So here it goes…


POWER LIFE YOGA: It has two locations in Kansas City – one at the Corinth Square and one at South Plaza – and it is definitely one of my favorite Studios. As soon as you arrive, you fell something different about the place. People there are always super friendly and make you feel home! 


Classes: CARDIO BARRE it’s a heated 45-min class focused on lower body and core while using the bar combined with some cardio exercises between reps. CANDLELIGHT HOT YOGA it’s a hard 60-min hot yoga class, very focused on balance and strength. FYI: all levels are welcome! My husband and I did it for the first time and we didn’t feel out of place. Great class to slow down and refocus. POWER SCULPT: My fave class at Power Life! It’s a 45-min full-body workout: yoga with weights with strength and cardio exercises.


MOJO CYCLING: What can I say about Mojo? SO MUCH GOOD VIBES! It’s located at the heart of the Plaza, and definitely #ITSWHATYOUNEED. I’ve been cycling at MOJO awhile before joined CityShape and I love it.

Class: POWER RIDE It’s basically a 45-min full-body workout. You will do push-ups on the bike, go up and down, work upper body with a set of dumbbells, and the most importantly… YOU RIDE WITH THE BEAT the entire time. Time flies by and when you see it, class is over and you’re all covered in sweat. SO GOOD! I normally take classes with my badass and inspiring friend Sarah B., if you haven’t taken a class with her, it’s a MUST!


BARRE3: The barre focused studio is located at the Brookside, and it’s THE CUTEST. You will fall in love with it even before stepping inside, and the when you go in there is always a smily face to welcome you!

Class: The 60-min BARRE3 workout mixes balance, athleticism, and grace. It starts with a light warm-up and then is divided in 3 parts: weighted exercises focused on upper-body, lower body exercises using the barre (thighs specifically), and mat exercises focused on core and booty (be ready to BURNN). I’ve always taken it with Caroline Charris and her class is awesome (hard)!


TITLE BOXING: The boxing focused studio is located at the State Line Road, and has variety of classes including trainer led-boxing, kickboxing, and MM group fitness classes.

Class: The 60-minutes KICKBOXING class with NO BREAKS, was THE HARDEST workout I’ve done with CityShape so far (it even made me think of my old college workouts). If you like intense training, you will LOVE  this class! Be ready for lots of burpees, push-ups, squats, tons of punching sequences, a a KILLER 10-15 min core workout towards the end. I was dead afterwards and sore for the next couple of days, but was definitely worth it. Already coming back next week!


PILATES OF KC:  The fully equipped Pilates Studio is located at Prairie Village and besides  traditional Pilates classes, it also offers “Core Fitness” classes such as reformed ride, TRX strength, KC Barre, and few more (click here to see all the classes).

Classes: REFORMED RIDE is a 45-minutes class combining Cycling and Pilates. The first 35 minutes we stay on the bike, and the other 10 minutes are filled with Pilates arm springs exercises The workout is quick, efficient, and get the job done!


I also tried try their TRX STRENGTH class, and I loved it. It was a challenging workout as it combines body strength, balance, and cardio. I’m also looking forward to try their heart-centered  KALOS workout. I’ve heard some really good things about. Have you ever done it?28342883_2095771643771664_841991118_o-2


Did you know you get perks with your City Shape membership? Oh YESSS!!! With your monthly membership you also receive a list of local business where you can receive discounts, it ranges from healthy cafes to skin care (click here for all the perks).

ENJOY PURE FOOD: A Healthy Cafe located at the Mission Farms with amazing food! I normally go there for breakfast, and my favorite thing there is their “Morning Wrap Up”(scrambled organic eggs, smoked turkey, white  cheddar, broccoli, red pepper spread in a whole wheat tortilla). Still need to go there for lunch, they all look super DELISH!

UNBAKERY: The healthy ‘grab and go’ style restaurant is located in the East Brookside neighborhood. It has a super relaxing atmosphere, and the decor is on point. Clean wall paint colors and surrounded by plants. Super cute! 28312007_2095771743771654_782966685_o

Since it is a little far from my house, I normally go there after Barre3’s workouts. Great combo, right? Last time I had the Salmon Poke Bowl and it was AMAZING!


Hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about CityShape Fitness!

And if you came this far.. here is a $20 OFF your first month. CODE: sf20off2018.

Sign up here.

With love,


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