5 Tips For a Healthier Life

Happy Wednesday!

Who is ready for warmers day? I can’t wait for some sunshine and Vitamin D!

I have been wanting to write this blog post for ever since a friend of mine asked me “how she could change to start living a healthier life.” After talking to her about it, I finally decided to share my thoughts and some of things that helped me to become healthier when I changed my lifestyle in 2013!


  • Set Attainable Goals: I think this is the most important one. Setting up a goal and having the desire to change, is the very first step. Grab a paper/phone, write down your goals and set a deadline to achieve them. I personally love writing down my goals so I can cross them out whenever I achieve them. I also like to set goals for the week and even for the day. Short-term goals can be achieved faster, and will motivated us to keep working towards the long-term goals.


  • Make an Action Plan: After you set your goals, it is time to create an action plan. Knowing all the steps you’ll need to take to successfully reach your goals, is the key. For example, if you want to start eating healthier. What are somethings you can do to make that happen? Make smarter and healthier choices at the grocery store? Or start meal prepping for your busy week ahead? Take the time to think how you’re going to achieve your goals and DO IT!


  • Slowly Start Making Healthier Choices: Back in 2013 when I decided to change my lifestyle, I started it by making small changes. I started eating more veggies, whole grains and fruits, went to the all-natural Peanut Butter and substituted milk chocolate for dark chocolate. My advice to you: DO NOT be radical and cut everything at once. Little by little I completely changed my eating habits and how I think about food. Today, I LOVE everything I eat and does not feel like a sacrifice to eat healthy!


  • Exercise: I like to say that exercise is my therapy. It keeps my energy up and makes me happy! Even when I’m super tired, I feel much more energized after I finish a workout. If you’re just starting your journey or if you already have an active lifestyle, my advice for you is to find for something you ENJOY doing. Going to the gym/fitness studio it’s not suppose to feel like a chore 🙂


If you’re needing some extra motivation, I personally recommend trying some fitness classes like cycling, boxing or HIIT circuit workouts. Workout buddies/Instructors will make it more fun plus, it can help you to follow through on your workout goals.



  • Enjoy Life: This sounds obvious, right? But sometimes we get so paranoid about following diets, counting macros and burning those “extra calories”, that we forget to enjoy the little things in life. I don’t think there is right or wrong regarding diet. I have done diets myself in the past but right now I just follow my conscious and I eat what feels good to my body. I don’t hesitate to enjoy time with family and friends, and I’ve never been so happy about my relationship with food. So what I mean with Enjoy Life is for you NOT to worry about eating a piece of cake or having a pizza night. Everything in life is about balance, and eating something that will make you feel happy is also healthy!


I hope these tips can help you to start/continue your healthy lifestyle journey as much as they did and still do help me!

With Love,


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