What I Eat in a Work Day

Hello loves – Happy Tuesday!

I often get asked about what I eat in a day or how I keep I stay healthy work. First off, each body is different and has different nutritional needs. I’ve personally learned so much about food throughout the years that today I pretty much know what I need to keep my body energized and healthy.

It’s a little hard to tell what my day/meals will look like since I don’t follow any diets/or count macros ( I’m just avoiding red meat lately). And even though my meals change daily, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I eat in a regular week/work day.


First things first: WATER! I always drink I big cup of water first thing in the morning. Then while I get ready I think about breakfast!

This a typical breakfast for me and one of my FAVORITE combos. Because you can’t go wrong with avocado + eggs. Am I right? I always try to combine whole grains, fruits, protein and healthy fats.


Made a breakfast burrito with my eggs and avocado. So YUMMY!


When I do eat a morning snack, it’s normally fruits + nuts/nut butter. My favorite combinations are apple, banana or dried fruits + Peanut/Almond Butter.


My lunches are usually very simple and SUPER easy to prepare (sometimes I even cook lunch in the morning before work). I normally try to combine good carbs (sweet potatoes is my go-to), veggies, a source of protein and sometimes, if I haven’t had avocado for breakfast, I add some to my lunch too!

Baked sweet potato, quinoa, spinach and boiled egg!


Because I’ve been working out after work, my mid-afternoon snacks are also my pre-workouts. My favorites snacks are: PB+Banana+Honey Toast and Avocado-Egg Toast? What is your favorite?



Dinner is definitely my lightest meal.  Most of the time I will have a low-carb dinner packed with veggies, salad and lean protein. My favorite veggies are Brussel sprouts, asparagus, brocolli and spinach.


Tilapia made with tomato sauce + roasted Brussel Sprouts!

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed seeing my daily “food routine” at work!

What are your favorite meals and snacks? I love getting new ideas!



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