5 Things I Do To Be More Productive While Working Out

Happy Thursday friends!

I don’t know about you all, but being productive is a big deal for me. Between work, household tasks, friends, family and being a wife, sometimes it’s hard to find time to do it all and stay at the top of my game!

Since I exercise 5-6 times per week for about 45min-1 hour, I try to get the most of it by doing something else while I workout. From getting caught up on emails to Face-timing my mom from Brazil, I always feel double accomplished after I’m done.

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5 things I do to stay more productive during my workouts that you might want to add to your routine too.

Answer e-mails/messages: I know, I know… You’re probably thinking: “How can you type while working out”? I only answer e-mails/messages when I’m doing cardio (indoor bike, Stair master or Elliptical) and you will be surprised on much we can get done in 30-45 minutes. Multi-tasking mode on!

Listen to Podcasts: First off, I love listenings to Podcasts period. Anybody else?They’re super inspiring and and teach me so much. Podcasts are my go-to for when I do weight lifting workouts or outdoor running.


My favorite Podcasts are The GaryVee Audio Experience, Fohr Ground (great interviews with Influencers), The Tony Robbins Podcast and The Goal Digger Podcast (small business and social media focused).


Watch/Listen YouTube videos: Depending on the video, I will either watch or just listen to it. My absolute favorite Youtube channel is “A Drink With James” by Fohr, an influencer marketing platform, and of course I also love watching recipe videos!


Social Media/Schedule: Whenever I do my cardio workouts I also like to check on my social media, do some IG stories (classic), and give a quick look on my to-do list and schedule specially if I have a busy day or week.

Video Call with my mom: This is my FAVORITE thing to do while I workout. My mom still lives in Brazil so whenever I can, you bet I will be calling her. Besides the fact I get to see her, my workouts go by SUPER fast! I normally call her when I’m doing Stairmaster, Elliptical or going to/leaving the gym, and I HIGLY recommend it if you live far away from you family. It’s definitely the best remedy for home sickness specially with Mother’s Day coming up.

This post was sponsored by adidas, all opinions are my own. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my tips! I would love to know yours? How do you multi-task and stay productive during your daily activities?


With Love,


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