My Hospital Experience and Life as a Mom of Two

Hello friends! 

As most of you know, a month ago our family received another blessing and welcomed baby Anthony to the world. Everything went well at his birth and I’m so thankful for all the hospital nurses and doctors. This time my OBGYN, Dr. Brendan Mitchell, was there to deliver my baby, and it was so special.

Choosing the right hospital can be overwhelming and one of the biggest decisions parents need to make before the baby’s arrival. When Sophie was born at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, we had an amazing experience. So it was a no brainer that once we heard about a new location closer to home in south Overland Park, that we’d go there for baby number two.

I shared a bit about baby Anthony’s arrival on my Instagram and today I’m going to share a little bit about my experience during our stay at AdventHealth South Overland Park.

After making the decision about where we’d be delivering, I scheduled a “Maternity Navigator” visit. During the appointment you will give all your health insurance information, talk about cost estimates, health history and birth plan wishes, plus you have the opportunity to do a tour at the Birth Center. This is was a great way to get “prepared” for your delivery day, ask questions, and get familiar with the room you will be staying in during your time at the hospital.

I was scheduled for an induction on March 31st. I checked in at the hospital at 6:00am and started inducing around 6:30am. During the entire time the nurses were so kind and professional. They made me feel well taken care of and not so nervous. I was way more nervous this time than with Sophie. I think that since I knew what was coming, I was more anxious about everything, and especially when I had my epidural. After hours of labor and two pushes, Anthony was born at 2:26pm. One of the perks that we loved about AdventHealth South Overland Park is that everything happens in the one place. Not having to change rooms after delivery was great! I enjoyed my golden hour with him, and when I went to the restroom for the first time after giving birth, the nurses came and changed the bed sheets and everything. 

The rooms are brand new, have bed couches (Thiago loved this!), and are so spacious! The hospital offers all the meals for the mom and one meal for a companion person during the stay. Also, and very important, all the postpartum supplies are provided to the mom (squirt bottle, pads, disposable underwear, ice pads, and so on). So there is no need to pack any of those things in your hospital bag, and better yet, they give you extra supplies to take home.

We had a really good time during our stay and thankfully, after all the tests Anthony and I were released to go home the next day. Even though the room was very comfortable, and it was nice to have some quality time with baby Anthony, we couldn’t wait to go home so Sophie could meet her baby brother. Before he was born I thought about “how can I love someone like I love Sophie?”, but then he came and my love instantly multiplied. Seeing them together was one of the most beautiful things. He just turned one month old and I can’t imagine our lives without him.

Being a mom of two can be scary but it’s SO special. As a stay-at-home mom I can say that it’s definitely NOT easy, especially without having family living close by. Some days everything goes super smooth, and some days it’s chaos. Some days I cry to my husband because I don’t think I can handle it or feel guilty, and some days I feel like a superwoman. I’m living one day at a time and even on the hard motherhood days, it’s worth every minute. We just celebrated Anthony’s first month and Sophie will be two in August. I can’t imagine our lives without them both.

Hope this post was helpful. And to all the mamas who read this post just remember, YOU ARE DOING AMAZING and your kids love you very much!

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