Active Pregnancy

Hello everyone! As most of you know I’m 4 months pregnant and I’m amazed with ALL that we women can endure during a pregnancy. Our body, taste, mood, cravings and mentality all change so much in such short period of time. I just can’t stop thinking about the fact that we carry a little human […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

The most wonderful time of the year has come and I’m so excited to share my very first Holiday Gift Guide for Her! I’ve added a few things I personally own and love, and that would be a perfect holiday gift for any women!


With the winter and snow days right around the corner, beanies are a must!
I just got this Faux Fur Pompom Beanieand it’s the cutest beanie ever. It keeps my ears and head  warm with style.


You can’t go wrong with wireless headphones. I personally own the Plantronics BACKBEAT 500 SERIES which I mostly wear at the gym, and sometimes I steal my husband’s AirPods. They have totally different styles but they’re both amazing. Either one would be an awesome holiday gift.


If you know you me, you know I’m a big fan of white sneakers. I have them in all kinds. Chunky style, running, and recently got this white adidas sleek sneakers. They’re super versatile, go with everything and I absolutely love the gold details.


If you’re a coffee lover like myself, I’m sure you will like this gift idea. I have always owned travel coffee mugs with the handle that would not fit in my car. So I finally got this car cup friendly mug at target and I LOVE it!
This Ello’s Jones 11oz travel mug fits perfectly under the single serve coffee machines, it’s light weight, keeps drinks hot for 5 hours/cold for 24 hours, and most importantly, it has a leak-proof sealing slider lid. Of course I got the white/gold one but they also have it in black/gold.



Sunglasses make the perfect gift to your mom, sister, girlfriend or even to yourself. And whoever you gift this Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses with, will love you forever.
This Butterfly style sunglasses is a sophisticated and stylish. More than a sunglass, it’s accessory. I got it as an early Christmas gift from my hubby, and I’m obsessed!
I also love the Ray-Ban sunglasses. Can’t never go wrong with a classic aviator style. Am I right?

** This post was sponsored by adidas. I have personally chosen the products and all opinions are my own.

Hope you enjoyed my tips 🙂 Happy shopping!

Sporty+Dressy Fall Outfits

Sporty, dressy and comfy. I LOVE when I can combine all these three words in one look. Anybody else?! Street Style outfits are probably my most worn ones during Fall and Winter time. They are comfortable, stylish, you can wear the same pieces in different occasions/places and most importantly, they don’t require much time to put […]

5 Tips for Half-Marathon Training

Hello – Happy Thursday!

As you probably know, I decided to challenge myself and signed up to run my very first half-marathon in October. My longest run was a 10K back in April so running a 21K race will definitely be a challenge, both physically and mentally.

This is my fifth week of training, I’m loving the journey and have learned a lot since when I started. If you’re new to the “running world” or is thinking about starting long distance training, this is for you 🙂 Here are some personal tips I think you should know.

finishing a long run makes you feel so accomplished, trust me!

1- Find a Training Plan:

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5 Things I Do To Be More Productive While Working Out

Happy Thursday friends!

I don’t know about you all, but being productive is a big deal for me. Between work, household tasks, friends, family and being a wife, sometimes it’s hard to find time to do it all and stay at the top of my game!

Since I exercise 5-6 times per week for about 45min-1 hour, I try to get the most of it by doing something else while I workout. From getting caught up on emails to Face-timing my mom from Brazil, I always feel double accomplished after I’m done.Read More »

What I Eat in a Work Day

Hello loves – Happy Tuesday!

I often get asked about what I eat in a day or how I keep I stay healthy work. First off, each body is different and has different nutritional needs. I’ve personally learned so much about food throughout the years that today I pretty much know what I need to keep my body energized and healthy.

It’s a little hard to tell what my day/meals will look like since I don’t follow any diets/or count macros ( I’m just avoiding red meat lately). And even though my meals change daily, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I eat in a regular week/work day.Read More »

5 Tips For a Healthier Life

Happy Wednesday!

Who is ready for warmers day? I can’t wait for some sunshine and Vitamin D!

I have been wanting to write this blog post for ever since a friend of mine asked me “how she could change to start living a healthier life.” After talking to her about it, I finally decided to share my thoughts and some of things that helped me to become healthier when I changed my lifestyle in 2013!


  • Set Attainable Goals: I think this is the most important one. Setting up a goal and having the desire to change, is the very first step. Grab a paper/phone, write down your goals and set a deadline to achieve them. I personally love writing down my goals so I can cross them out whenever I achieve them. I also like to set goals for the week and even for the day. Short-term goals can be achieved faster, and will motivated us to keep working towards the long-term goals.

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