My Everyday Natural Skin Care Routine

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hope you are having a great week so far and are enjoying the warmer days in KC.

It’s been a long time since I last posted here… But now that my MBA classes are over, I will have way more time to blog! Anyone else excited for Summer? I definitely Am!

Now, lets talk about Skin Care! Few weeks ago I did a pool on my Instagram Stories asking if you guys would like to know more about my skin care routine and for my surprise, most of you voted YES… So, here it is!Read More »

HEALTHY and TAN skin at Bare Med Spa

Hello loves, how is your week going?

I really enjoyed the rainy weekend as I got to spend some quality time with my hubby. On Saturday we did the Factory Tour at the Roasterie in Kansas City downtown and made homemade pizza for dinner (LOVE “off meals”). Sunday morning we went to church, then after lunch we talked to our family from Brazil, and just relaxed the rest of the day!

Did you do anything fun? Hope you had a great weekend too!

Now changing subjects, as you all know, I am not very disciplined when it comes to skin care and just few months ago I had my first skin treatment at Bare Med Spa (the Hydrafacial treatment).

After doing the Hydrafacial, the Bare Med Spa esthetician recommend me the Dermaplane treatment and I have done it twice already. I absolutely LOVED the hairless feel and smoothness of my skin afterwards.

Bare-faced selfie after my first Dermaplane procedure.

A little bit about the DERMAPLANE TREATMENT

Dermaplane is a procedure that removes the dead epidermal cells of your skin and all the “tiny” facial hairs as well.  The results are immediately: healthier looking and smoother skin. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and is totally PAINLESS. I know some of you think it is painful because of the blade used to scrap off the dead skin, however,  it is NOT.  At the Bare Med Spa, the Dermaplane procedure is a very relaxing experience as they finish up the section with a very refreshing moisturizing mask combined with a facial steam to hydrate the new facial skin.


Also, as probably saw on my Instagram,  I recently did my first Spray Tan EVER at Bare Med Spa. At the first section I asked her to go easy on the color because I was honestly a little afraid to turn orange lol. However, like always, they did an AWESOME job. I loved my skin color afterwards and how natural it looked. And besides, it is much healthier to our skin than doing tanning beds. And of course I got a little addicted to it and went for one more spray tan section a week later. On my second time I asked Lindsey make me look tanner and she did awesome, I literally felt I was in Brazil and had just came back from the beach! It makes me so excited for summer 🙂

Right after my second Spray Tanning sesh!

Info: The Spray Tan service is only available at the Park Place location ( 5265 W 116th Place, Leawood, KS 66211)

Hope you liked today’s post!

Have a great week 🙂


Sheina Fernandes

CRYOTHERAPY at Bare Med Spa: Reduces muscle sorenesses and speeds up recovery

Hello hello!

Hope you are having a great week and enjoyed the snow days we had in KC. This weather is just crazy! But I think the cold season is over and I am so excited for a REAL Summer! Aren’t you?

But anyway, today I want to share with you about my first section of Cryotherapy at Bare Med Spa last week. I had never heard about it before while living in Brazil, so when I saw that they offered it at Bare Med Spa I was really excited to freeze… haha!

I know some of you are probably thinking… But what is Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy Treatment 

Cryotherapy is a treatment that you basically go inside of a big freezer for 2 to 3 min. where they use liquid nitrogen sprayed into the air to bring the temperature down (the duration of each section depends on your body resistance). This treatment is very common among professional athletes and people who have high muscle impact because of the fast and effective results it offers.


Some benefits of the Cryotherapy Treatment:

  • It reduces muscle pain and soreness
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Help to improve joints function
  • Increase the collagen production
  • Helps to reduce cellulite 
  • Can burn up to 800 depending of the time and body metabolism

How does it work?

First, Tracy asked me to take off my clothes and wear a robe. Then I wore gloves, socks up to my knees and a special shoe. After I was properly dressed, I went inside of the big tube leaving my head out of the icy area, took the robe off and literally FROZE for 3 minutes. So for you to have an idea, my skin temperature was around 32 F after I was done.


I need to say that the short freeze was SUPER WORTH IT. My muscles felt so relaxed afterwards and to be honest, it is NOT bad at all. It goes by really fast and when you start to feel the “ice burn”, it is time to step off the tube. So, don’t be scared… The Bare Med staff are super nice and they will always make sure you feel as more comfortable as possible.

I sure wish I had that years ago when I played college volleyball. Back then, we had to stay more than 10 minutes in the ice bath after EVERY practice during preseason, NOT FUN.. hahaha!


Schedule your first Cryotherapy section here!

During the March Madness, each section is $25. They are normally $45, so hurry up!!

IMPORTANT: They only offer the Cryotherapy treatment at the Downtown Kansas City location at 1230 Walnut Street, Kansas City MO 64106.


I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend and let me know what you think if you ever do a Cryotherapy section!

Kisses and hugs


Glow your skin: Bare Med Spa Hydrafacial treatment

Good morning… I hope you are all having a great day!

Lets talk about beauty?

Today I want to share with you my WONDERFUL experience at Bare Med Spa at Nall Valley Shoppes where I did my first Hydrafacial treatment.

First, I need I don’t have a set routine when it comes skin care! I have never done anything besides sun screen and lotions and. And believe it or not, I have NEVER been to a Skin Spa before. So, I finally decided to start taking care of my skin and since it was going to be my first time, I was a little concerned about which treatment should be the best.


But thankfully, Bare Med Spa, made the entire process enjoyable and smooth. First, I had an “Skin Consultation” where I explained my needs and concerns, they looked at my skin type, described all the different treatments and steps for each one, and  finally recommended the best treatment which was the Hydrafacial. I absolutely LOVED my first consultation! They were very professional, it took around 20 minutes and it definitely made me feel much more confident about the treatment.

Schedule your first consultation at Bare Med Spa here!

The Hydrafacial  is a very gentle process. It is very “refreshing”, non-irritating, painless and very relaxing. It is a fast, efficient treatment that takes between 15-30 minutes depending of the skin type (my section last for almost 30 min.). And the best part, the results are shown immediately. My skin was glowing like a diamond after I left Bare Med Spa (who watched my #instastories on that day knows what I am talking about!).

During the treatment.
Minutes after the treatment: no make-up on and skin glowing!

“The treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. Overall, the Hydrafacial treatment will enhance your skin health.”

Besides all the skin rejuvenation treatments, here are some of the services offered at Bare Med Spa:



Body Countering

Laser Hair Reduction

Facial Waxing


PS: Stacey Boyer perfectly designed my eye brow after I finished my Hydrafacial section and she did it perfectly. Absolutely LOVED it and my eyebrows and skin  still looks gorgeous!

Eyebrow wax design by Stacey Boyer.


Look all Bare Med Spa services here!

I highly recommend the Hydrafacial treatment to anyone (specially for people like me who have never done any treatment before and is looking for a better skin and routine). It is definitely a great way to start taking care of your skin without being too aggressive. I am so excited for my next treatment!

Bare Med Spa locations:

Nall Valley Shoppes, Leawood, KS
Park Place in Leawood, Leawood, KS
Downtown Kansas City, KC, MO


Nothing makes you feel more confident as having a glowing, natural and radiant skin.           I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips!